A family history
Bernard and Bruno Maurel one to one


Bernard and Bruno Maurel one to one

“Ours is a tireless pursuit …”

Bernard: Astros, today, is an 80-hectare vineyard adjoining two historical residences: Château d'Astros and Vieux Château d'Astros.

Bruno: “This is the family fief, with buildings hundreds of years old, hectares of cultivatable land, forests, a river, a world of enchanting beauty”.

Bernard: With Dominique my wife, we have four children: Lucie, Marc, Bruno and Agnes. All are viscerally attached to the property, while Bruno was always more sensitive to nature and the environment. Although he embraced a spiritual path, I’m not at all surprised to see him become so involved in the running of the estate.

Bruno: When lucky enough to be left an inheritance, it’s one’s duty to ensure its growth. For a Christian, wine-making is a wonderful symbol. Wine is an art and I am an apprentice...

Bernard: Wine-making, for us, is not just an episode in life. There have always been vines and cellars in Astros and wine has always been made here. It’s true that over the years we have changed direction a number of times. Forty years ago, red wine was our flagship product, while today rosé accounts for 75% of production, red only 20% and white 5%.

Bruno: France accounts for 8% of world rosé wine production! And don’t forget that Provence, and more specifically the Var, is “Rosé country”.

Bernard: You’ve got to move with the times, especially where consumer products are concerned. Rosé is the wine preferred by women and young people and is known as the party wine. With wine economics in crisis, so they say, capturing a new clientele is a guarantee of survival. We also started to export our production, primarily to England, where rosé wine is all the rage.

Bruno: We can’t, however, do whatever we want. Cultivating our core values is the golden rule: the soil and climate in tandem with tradition and experience can only produce good results.

Bernard: We’ve enhanced the diversity of the estate’s soils and grape varieties. And ours is a constant pursuit of quality excellence: the Château d'Astros has been working for a number of years in close collaboration with the Vidauban Rosé Wine Experimentation Station (Centre d'Expérimentation sur le Vin Rosé de Vidauban). Our aim is to perfect and refine our vinification processes, notably experimenting with new yeasts and techniques.

Bruno: The object is to achieve excellence. Our wine deserves to be recognised, both in France and abroad.

Bernard: There’s the wine, of course, but Astros is also known for its apple picking. We have eight hectares planted with ten different apple varieties. 20,000 people come every year to pick their apples and taste the estate’s wines.

A family history

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