Vieux Château d'Astros
Ch?au d'Astros
Domaine d'Astros
Orchards of scrumptuous apples


Vieux Château d'Astros

Vieux Château d'Astros wines, the fruit of the estate’s oldest vines, develop powerful and wonderfully complex aromas.

“The treasure of the Knights Templar”

Hidden amongst the pines, nestling in a small valley on the property, Vieux Château d'Astros is a monument of the medieval era.

All the mystery of this former Templar commandery, built in the 12th and 16th centuries, with its massive, rectangular architecture, its short mullioned windows and shaded courtyard, is preserved intact.

The treasure of its glorious and ancient residents that we sought within its outbuildings, with their wide casement windows, and its Romanesque chapel within a spear’s reach, was truly to be found outside: hectares of vines planted over sixty years ago, parsimoniously exuding sublime nectars.

It is the calcareous and pebbly soil of the hillsides of Vieux Château d'Astros that favour powerful, complex aromas.

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Château d'Astros
Domaine d'Astros
Orchards of scrumptuous apples from August 30st, 2019.

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