Vieux Château d'Astros
Ch?au d'Astros
Domaine d'Astros
Orchards of scrumptuous apples


Château d'Astros

It is around a Renaissance-style château, the symbol of the estate, that the Maurel family makes a true wine of character.

“Italy in Provence”

A crazy wager for an enterprising businessman, or rather the chef d’œuvre of a lover of the Italian Renaissance, Château d'Astros is nonetheless remarkable. This truly unique building, in a class of its own here in this land of Provence, has been dominating the Vidauban plain for 150 years now. Built at the top of an alley of plantains, Château d'Astros is evocative of beautiful Tuscany residences surrounded by a wooded park, statues giving way to ponds creating an ornamental harmony.

Château d'Astros, a showcase of luxury with the fragrance of yesteryear. From the rear facade, past the generous shade of the pines, the new chais offers the face of a skillfully developed viticulture of which the wines are primed each year in the “Concours Général Agricole” in Paris and the “Concours des Grands Vins de Mâcon”.

From the hill to the Astros canal, the alluvial clay limestone opens its arms wide to the Château d'Astros vineyard. This is where a true wine of character grows, a wine with soft, velvety tannins.

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Vieux Château d'Astros
Domaine d'Astros
Orchards of scrumptuous apples from August 30st, 2019.

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