Vieux Château d'Astros
Ch?au d'Astros
Domaine d'Astros
Orchards of scrumptuous apples


Domaine d'Astros

The Domaine d’Astros brand brings together wine that is at once easy drinking and fruity. The indispensable addition to the emblematic wines of the Astros estate.

“For the pleasure”

Two terroirs for two territories: Domaine d’Astros knows how to adapt to the nature of its land.

Arid on the heights and rich on the plain, the soil of Domaine d’Astros, or its terroir, goes in to creating a variety of wines sure to delight all palates.

Under the name Domaine d’Astros, the Maurel family makes Pays des Maures appellation wine. A “pleasure” wine par excellence, to be enjoyed among friends with the most delicious recipes Provence has to offer.

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Vieux Château d'Astros
Château d'Astros
Orchards of scrumptuous apples from August 30st, 2019.

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